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We know that if well aligned with each other, science and scientific can lead to some breakthrough discoveries. We use our knowledge and experience combined with the riches of nature to implement health- and-life improving solutions. Safety and efficiency of our products are our priorities.

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In our company we promote nature and skilfully combine the boundless treasures of its resources with the latest scientific achievements. We are the leader in creating unique products based on chitosan, a natural polymer obtained from sea shellfish or fungi cells. Our team consists of experienced scientists and managers for whom modern technologies are as important as ecology, security and simplicity of formulas. Our know-how developed over the years together with our patents prove that science combined with nature is the future of many industry sectors.

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Chitosan hydrogels from the ChitoVelum family® are fully natural and completely safe substances. ChitoVelum®Pro contains only water, unmodified natural chitosan and CO2 After application if forms a tangible film protecting the skin against adverse external factors. ChitoVelum® sets new market standards while at the same time it is the basis and active component of cosmetics, dressings and food protection products. Together with our business partners we continuously discover and strive for further development of the potential of ChitoVelum®, which may completely revolutionize the process of designing and manufacturing many products.

ChitoVelum ® redefines the approach to designing drugs. Owing to ChitoVelum they feature the simplest possible formula while retaining all the necessary functions. ChitoVelum® allows to create gentle cosmetics without preservatives, artificial thickeners nor stabilizers. Its effect is based on scientifically proven properties of chitozan, which forms a unique film that moisturises, protects and regenerates the skin. Products based on ChitoVelum® are ideal for allergy sufferers, people with very sensitive skin, children and pregnant women.


Cosmetic products

ChitoVelum ® is compatible with skin cells and it provides almost optimal conditions for its regeneration. It supports forming a moist environment around injuries and protects against harmful exposure to external agents. It also provides a multi-level moisturising-regenerating-protective mechanism and it is ideal for creating modern and effective dressing materials. It has served as a basis for award-winning prototypes of spongy dressing materials, hydrogel membranes and hydrogels.


Medicinal products

ChitoVelum ® PRO forms a unique film (coating) protecting food products such as fruit, vegetables or fish during their transport and storage. The film protects against premature loss of water and infection, as well as against development of micro-organisms. In some cases chitosan can also slow down the process of ripening. ChitoVelum ® is a fully natural substance and is therefore safe, non-toxic for humans and edible.


Food protection

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Cosmetics from the Chitosan line have the beneficial properties of ChitoVelum® in its purest form. In response to the needs and out of concern for the health of the conscious consumers, we have created uncompromising line of gentle cosmetics of a natural composition. You will not find any preservatives, synthetic thickeners or stabilizers n our cosmetics. The Chitosan products are a synonym of protection and regeneration, offered so far only by professional dressing materials. Thanks to applying ChitoVelum®, the Chitosan products may be applied even on the most sensitive skin, properly moisturising it and covering it with a unique protective film, which is still active long after using the product.

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ChitoVelum® is the effect of combining science and nature together. We help our partners satisfy the needs of conscious consumers expecting safety and efficiency. If you seek modern solutions, want to be inspired by nature and safety is your primary concern, contact us. Our team will help you design and implement the simplest yet the most efficient and unique solutions using a nature-based technology. We will develop for you natural, safe and efficient products. We intend to share our knowledge with you, support your ideas and develop your business.

  • Creates a protective film, feels like a second skin
  • Moisturize and protects against dehydration
  • Regenerates
  • Doesn't contain preservatives
  • Short unique list of ingredients
  • Natural thickener
  • All natural
  • Physiological ph
  • No smell and color

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