In our company we promote nature and we skillfully join boundless treasures of its resources with the newest achievements of science. We are the leader in creating unique products based on chitosan, a natural polymer obtained from sea shellfish or fungi cells. Our team consists of experienced scientists and managers for whom modern technologies are as important as ecology, security, and simplicity of ingredients. Due to developed over the years know-how and held patents, we prove that science combined with nature means the future of many branches of industry.


What is ChitoVelum®

Hydrogelchitosans from the family ChitoVelum® is totally natural and safe substances. ChitoVelum® Pro consists exclusively of water, unmodified natural chitosan and CO2. After application it forms easy to feel the film, protecting eg. skin against the unfavorable influence of exterior factors. ChitoVelum® sets new market standards while at the same time it basis and active component of cosmetics, dressings and plant protection products. Together with our business partners, we continuously discover and strive for further development of the potential of ChitoVelum®, that may totally revolutionize designing and manufacturing of many products.



ChitoVelum® redefines the approach to designing cosmetics. Owing to ChitoVelum® their composition has never been so simple and brief in conditions of all the necessary functions of the product. ChitoVelum® allows creating gentle cosmetics without preservatives, artificial thickeners nor stabilizers. Its effect is based on scientifically proved characteristics of chitosan, that is forming on the skin unique film which moisturizes, protects and provides perfect conditions for regeneration. Products based on ChitoVelum® are perfect, among others for allergy sufferers, people with very sensitive skin, children and pregnant women.



ChitoVelum® is compatible with skin cells and it provides almost optimal conditions for its regeneration. It supports creating a moist environment in the surrounding of injuries and protects against harmful exposure to external agents. At the same time, it secures multi-level moisturizing-regenerating-protective mechanism of effect and it is perfectly well suitable for constructing modern and effective dressing materials. Many, multiply awarded prototypes of dressings materials in the form of spongy materials, hydrogel membranes and hydrogels were created on its basis.



ChitoVelum® PRO creates unique coat protecting food products such as fruit, vegetables or fish during their transport and storage. The coat protects against premature loss of water and infection, as well as against the development of microorganisms. In some cases, chitosan can also slow down the process of ripening. ChitoVelum® PRO is a totally natural substance and that is the reason why it is safe and nontoxic for a man and it can even be eaten.

ChitoVelum® in our products

Cosmetics from the Chitosan line has beneficial features of ChitoVelum® in its purest form. In response to the needs and out of concern for the health of conscious consumers, we created an uncompromising line of gentle cosmetics of natural composition. In our cosmetics, you will not find any preservatives, synthetic thickeners nor stabilizers. Chitosan products are a synonym of protection and regeneration, offered so far only by professional dressing materials. Thanks to applying ChitoVelum®, Chitosan products may be applied even on the most sensitive skin, giving it proper moisturizing and covering it with a unique protective film which is still active long after using this product.

Chitosan - BodyWash

ChitoVelum® in your product

ChitoVelum® is the effect of joining science and nature. We help our partners to satisfy the needs of conscious consumers expecting safety and efficiency. If you are looking for modern solutions and you want to get inspired by nature and if the safety is superior for you then contact us. Our team will help you to design and to implement the simplest but the most efficient and unique solutions in close to nature technology. We will develop for you the products, the most important feature for which will be their naturalness, safety, and efficiency. We intend to share our knowledge, support your ideas, develop your business.

Protective film No colorants
acts as second skin

Moisturises and protects
skin against drying


No preservatives

Simple and unique formula

Natural thickener

100% natural

Physiologic pH

No colorants / odorants

What’s new?

Chitone sp. z o.o. ready for innovative breakthrough on cosmetics snd food protection market

After almost 10 years of research initiated at the Gdańsk University of Technology and then continued in the company AG Medica, the next product may possibly revolutionize the market of cosmetics.  In the separated from AG Medica company Chitone sp. z o.o., established to commercialize the unique technology of producing chitosan gel, all elements necessary to achieve market success have been gathered.

Chitosan hydrogels ChitoVelum® PRO recognized as the Polish Products of the Future

The solution that has been developed, is particularly essential in the context of the indicated by the Organization World Health increase of cases of skin diseases, more frequently due to its contact with various chemical substances.  We are proud that the proposed way of minimizing this problem, gained the highest recognition of the Jury of the Contest : Polish Product of the Future. 

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